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There is an unwritten rule that says that “after doing something manually for the third time, you should automate it”. We reached out to the same conclusion after completing our 4th or 5th pentest report. There is a lot of boilerplate and repetition that could be saved should a tool for this exist. We looked around for such tool on the open source community and to our surprise there weren’t many complete pentest report generation tools, with the level of documentation, support, and feature set that we were looking for. (Serpico was the closest but the project was no longer active).

That’s the history. We were born as an alternative to Serpico and similar tools. We hope to provide some value to all the infosec professionals (individuals or teams) who are finding themselves spending as much time in reporting as in the actual security work.

About the name

We picked the Reconmap name for two reasons:

  • Our tool should be a map to your target that starts with the reconnaissance phase.
  • The combination of words recon and map contains the word nmap, the name of one of our favourite network mapper tool.